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American Cancer Society: #WalkWithPurpose Partnership

American Cancer Society: #WalkWithPurpose Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with American Cancer Society®. We’ve been working on a beautiful and compelling content series called #WalkWithPurpose, which will roll out over the next few months. Our intention is to put a spotlight on cancer heroes from the ACS community, while raising awareness and support for the fight against cancer. We believe stories have power and that through storytelling we can appreciate the humanity that unites us. This series will also explore how experiences and adversity intersect with purpose.

The first of the series kicks off with breast cancer survivor LaToya Williams, Senior Manager, Cancer Control Strategic Partnerships at American Cancer Society®, and her friend Dr. Kathie-Ann Joseph, Cancer Surgeon at NYU Langone / Perlmutter Cancer Center. LaToya and Kathie first met through their sorority while LaToya was in the middle of breast cancer treatment. They bonded over their passion for health equity and advocacy, and have been close friends ever since.

These are candid and vulnerable accounts about cancer, loss, healing and hope. For LaToya, her cancer experience “changed me and propelled me to actually embrace a new career working in the cancer world. So, I look at it as like, mission, passion, and God liberated my mind. It's not just a job to me. It's my calling.” 

LaToya Williams and Dr. Kathie-Ann Joseph in RĒDEN Love Flat

 Dr. Joseph lost multiple family members to cancer, including her own mother. She spent a college summer researching elderly African-American women at Harlem Hospital, and learned how the healthcare system had failed these women. “Many of these women had never even had a pap smear, never had a mammogram...that was just eye-opening to me.” This research eventually became Dr. Joseph’s thesis and started her on a “whole trajectory of public health.”

RĒDEN was founded in large part because of our Founder's personal experience with cancer and chemo-related foot pain. While we do not have control over all that happens to us, we do get to choose our response to it. When life experiences present us with an unsolved issue that just so happens to align with our individual gifts, therein lies the opportunity for something magical and purpose-driven to happen!

This campaign to raise awareness and support for the fight against cancer is made together with American Cancer Society®. RĒDEN is proud to support American Cancer Society® in their mission to free the world from cancer. ACS does not endorse any service or product.

We hope you enjoy this series and feel inspired to share it with your loved ones! 


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