• Radically Comfortable Shoes With a Purpose

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Radically Comfortable Shoes With a Purpose

We Donate 50% of our Profits to Charity

Classic Look, Modern Approach

Classic Look, Modern Approach


Walk with Purpose

We believe that transformation happens in the sole.

Shoes carry us through our day. They affect the way we walk, how we feel, and where we go. Nothing is more fundamental than that.

Our mission at RĒDEN is to create the most radically comfortable and elegant shoe you’ve ever experienced, so you can go further and deeper into your day. We want to empower you to go the distance and stand tall. 

But beyond a single shoe, we believe that our impact also extends to the larger community. That’s why we plan to donate 50% of our profits to charity in the communities where we do business. We are also incorporating sustainable practices where we can. Click here to learn more about our sustainable packaging.

We plan to show that compassionate capitalism is a successful model ― one we hope more companies will pursue. We want to hear from you which charities you love! Please join us in our mission to walk with purpose.

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RĒDEN Meaning


RE-: Once more; afresh; anew. Restoration to a previous state.

EDEN: Paradise. A state of perfect happiness or bliss.